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ARG scientists and their work have appeared in hundreds of articles and interviewed for both radio and television.  With expertise that extends across the spectrum of alcohol use and disorders, our staff can provide information on specific topics as well as provide general facts that are relevant to the public.

Explore the resources on this page for the latest press releases, current media coverage, recent news and research findings.

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Recent Press Releases

January 20, 2015
Some racial/ethnic groups overestimate the number of drinks they can have before driving.
Black and Hispanic drinkers are more likely to overestimate how much they can safely drink two hours before driving, a new and innovative study examining impairment limits found. The study determined that, on average and controlling for other factors such as weight, education and drinking history, self-reported number of standard drinks one could drink in 2 hours before driving without being impaired were 30% higher for Black drinkers and 26% higher for Hispanic drinkers than for White drinking drivers.
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October 20, 2014
International study finds acute alcohol consumption causes higher risk of injury for woman than men.
A new study of emergency department patients in 18 countries led by ARG Senior Scientist, Cheryl Cherpitel, made available online by the scientific journal Addiction, shows that the risk of injury caused by acute alcohol consumption is higher for women compared with men. While the risk of injury is similar for both men and women up to three ‘standard’ drinks (containing 16 ml or 12.8 g of pure ethanol), the risk then increases more rapidly for women, becoming twice the risk to men around 15 drinks.
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ARG in the News

The Science of Us/New York Magazine: Why Alcoholics Anonymous Works
“Dr. Lee Ann Kaskutas, a senior scientist at the Alcohol Research Group who has conducted 12-step facilitation studies, explained that while these programs take on different forms, they’re generally oriented toward preparing participants for the…culture and philosophy of 12-step programs like AA.”

The Washington Post:  Having just one drink doubles your risk of getting injured
“A person who has consumed 3 drinks in the past six hours is about 4.6 times as likely to end up in the E.R. as someone who hasn’t drunk at all. Even a single drink roughly doubles your odds of going to the hospital.”

The Atlantic Monthly: Life with Legal Weed
“Meenakshi Subbaraman has found that cannabis satisfies six of the seven previously published criteria for substitute medications for alcohol.

Vox:  The public health case for legalizing pot: it could replace alcohol
“In a recent review of the scientific literature, researcher Meenakshi Subbaraman, of the Alcohol Research Group at the Public Health Institute, found that marijuana can act as a substitute for alcohol for some people.”

KQED Forum: Panel discussion on alcohol and cancer risks
A new study finds that even moderate alcohol consumption can increase the risk of cancer-related death.