Health Guides


Our health guides are a great way to learn important facts about drinking and your health and are easy to share with family, friends and your community.  Below, you’ll find information on alcohol-related health risks, drinking norms, and tips on how to better understand low-risk drinking guidelines to protect your health and the health of those around you.  You’ll also find fact sheets and infographics that you can share via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

smalldrinkIs a drink a day good for you?

With all the recent buzz about how a drink a day is recommended for your health, our ARG scientists weigh in and find that such a prescription is not necessarily the best advice.

womendrinksperweekHow does your drinking measure up?

Find out how your drinking habits compare to the rest of the country with our drinking norms infographic. See what the average person drinks per week and whether you’re driving more or less than others.

alcohol_content_graphHow much alcohol is in your drink?

Most people don’t know how much alcohol is in their drink because beer and wine makers have been increasing the amount of alcohol in a can or bottle, ARG’s report indicates.  As a result, the alcohol content can vary without you realizing it.  So you could be drinking more than you actually thought.

bottlesWhat’s a standard drink?

Knowing what a standard drink is in terms of volume and alcohol content, will help you determine how much you can safely drink to keep within the low-risk drinking guidelines.