Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) adults face unique health disparities and addressing these disparities is a national health priority. Within this community, men who have sex with men (MSM) may be at elevated risk for alcohol and drug use as well as serious, yet preventable health conditions such as HIV and other STDs, viral hepatitis, pneumonia, and TB. Research suggests that addiction recovery residences are a promising mechanism to promote and sustain recovery from … [Read more...]

Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowships Available

ARG, in association with the School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, is accepting applications for two-year postdoctoral fellowships sponsored by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) for research training in alcohol and drug studies. Fellowships are typically 2 years Postdocs receive $42,840-$50,112 per year plus health benefits Supplemental employment is often available Predocs receive $22,920 per year plus partial UC tuition & … [Read more...]

PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center Re-designation


Congratulations to Cheryl Cherpitel, DrPH, for her successful direction of the PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center on Alcohol Epidemiology and Injury over the past four years. From her leadership, and the support of a highly skilled research team, ARG has been re-designated as a Collaborating Center through to September 2019. Since 2011, Cherpitel and her colleagues have made significant contributions to research on alcohol-related injuries around the globe. Highlights of their work include … [Read more...]

Visiting Scholar from Brazil Joins ARG


ARG is pleased to welcome visiting scholar, Gabriel Andreuccetti, PhD, who has moved from Sao Paulo to spend a year working with Senior Scientist Cheryl Cherpitel, PhD.  This is his second time visiting ARG and we're excited to have him back in the Bay Area. Recently, we spent some time with Gabriel to learn more about his work and what brought him to ARG. ARG: First, it's so nice to have you here, Gabriel.  For people who don't know you, can you tell us a little about where you’re from? … [Read more...]

ARG Scientists Present at APHA


ARG scientists will be in Chicago at the end of October to present at the American Public Health Association (APHA)'s Annual Meeting and Exposition with talks focused on alcohol-related heath issues and outcomes. Conference highlights include a panel on November 3 when ARG researchers will present new findings on health disparities from the National Alcohol Survey. Beginning at 2:30 pm, Camillia Lui discusses differences in education among heavy drinkers using age-period cohort analysis. She … [Read more...]

Border Project Produces Significant Results

The U.S.-Mexico Study of Alcohol and Related Conditions (UMSARC), which ran from 2009-2015 and concluded last month, produced an extensive range of results that supports the development of culturally appropriate alcohol policies and strategies to increase accessibility to prevention and treatment services for people living at the border. One of the most surprising findings was the prevalence of alcohol use disorders (AUD) among residents who lived at the border compared to people who lived in … [Read more...]

Over 35 Years & Still Going Strong


When the National Alcohol Survey (NAS) first began in the mid-1960s, over 2500 people across the US were interviewed.  Since then, the NAS has grown to include almost 8,000 US adults enabling both understanding mechanisms underlying drinking behaviors and the long-term monitoring of our nation’s drinking patterns and its associated problems.  While our drinking habits and relationship to alcohol have changed, measuring such changes provides a greater understanding of how alcohol impacts our … [Read more...]

New Grant Awarded to Study Cannabis Use & Treatment Outcomes

Congratulations to ARG Biostatistician Meenakshi Sabina Subbaraman, PhD,  who  received a grant to study how cannabis use affects alcohol treatment outcomes. The new project, funded by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (R21 AA023039), will use advanced statistical methods to better understand how cannabis use among individuals recovering from alcohol use disorders affects drinking after treatment. Expert opinion on the topic is mixed.  Some suggest that among … [Read more...]

KBS Thematic Meeting in Finland: Alcohol’s Harm to Others


Next month, ARG researchers Katherine Karriker-Jaffe and Thomas K. Greenfield present three papers at the Kettil Bruun Society conference in Helsinki, Finland. The conference theme is on alcohol's harms to others, discussing how drinking impacts social relationships in both private and public settings, including family members, partners and strangers.  Their recent research is derived from a NIAAA funded project that looks at the types and seriousness of harms experienced due to someone else's … [Read more...]

Congratulations to Paul Gilbert


It’s with sadness that we say goodbye to Associate Scientist Paul Gilbert. Having recently completed his postdoctoral fellowship at ARG, Paul will begin his academic career as an assistant professor in the Department of Community and Behavioral Health at The University of Iowa College of Public Health this fall.  With a Master’s of Science in Health and Social Behavior from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health and a PhD in Health Behavior from the University of North Carolina at Chapel … [Read more...]