Learn more about the National Alcohol Research Center and other studies conducted at ARG. ARG's research emphasizes epidemiology of alcohol consumption and problems, including health services research and community responses, to inform public health practice and alcohol policy.

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Effects of Spirits Privatization on Alcohol Prices and Alcohol-Related Harms

Funding: NIAAA RO1 AA021742
Principal Investigator: William Kerr, PhD

This project will track implementation of regulations, revenues and prices and use state-representative cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys of Washington drinkers and residents to evaluate changes in drinking, purchasing, problems, attitudes and experiences following privatization and across later changes. The longitudinal survey will follow spirits drinkers to assess individual drinkers’ changes in detailed purchasing and consumption behaviors. Analyses will determine the effects of the privatization and later changes on prices, sales, state revenues, drinking and purchasing patterns, experiences of alcohol-related harms (including perceived harms from other people’s drinking) and opinions regarding alcohol policies, spirits availability and prices. Results will inform debates regarding government control of alcohol sales, relevant to 18 remaining control states and on the three-tier system and alcohol taxation relevant to all US states.

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